Fnatic.Melen retired from DotA

Melen will be retiring after displaying fine support performance in Fnatic.DotA. What will happen to Fnatic with their 4 man roster now?

Over the past few days, rumours have been floating around the competitive scene of Asia that the leader of top Indonesian team, Fnatic.Melen will be retiring from DotA. All these have been proven true yesterday as myMYM received valuable information from a reliable source regarding Melen's retirement. According to source, Melen's retirement is due to a sudden lost of passion for the game although, the loss to Kingsurf last Tuesday might have enhanced the reason for him to quit.

The reason for Fnatic to delay the announcement of such a shocking news to the world is still unknown but it might be due to the team's seeking for another prominent member to play under their tag.

Melen's departure left many questions unanswered to both their fans and sponsors. Who will be replacing Melen? Who will be their next in-game leader? What will happen to Fnatic? Will they still be as strong as before?

Here's a statement from Melen himself about his decision, he gave myMYM.com

Indonesia Melen: I retired because I don't have anymore passion for DotA and I'm already too old to play DotA. I'm 25 :) As for Fnatic, they will continue and find a new member. For now, I don't know who will replace me. I wish the best for them even they need to work hard to back in shape again, and conquer the DotA world and thanks for all that have supported me from beginning till I retired

Fnatic's current roster:

Neha 'Rinoa' Nair (Manager)
Ritter 'Ritter' Rusli
Ariyanto 'Lakuci' Sony
Sugiarto 'BaHaMuT' Cahyadi
Farand 'Koala' Kowara

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SinnerSynx said...

sad news for Fnatic and Asian gaming

Anonymous said...

hes a pengas

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