Dota General Ingame Facts

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- Medusa's purge will diffuse Sven's God Strength

- You can jail your enemy using two heroes, Anti-Mage and Vengeful Spirit (anti-mage blinks in a place like a confined plateau and vengeful swaps him then he waits for an enemy hero to swap)

- You may also jail your opponent by using Morphling (crushing wave),which may knock-off your opponent and ensnare him in a trapped area when casted on a right location

- This also works for Tiny too, he can use his allies as an ammo then toss him behind the fountain, literally jailing him

- Use the <-unstuck> command in case you get stuck or jailed, your hero will be teleported back to his or her fountain after 1 minute. Keep in mind that your hero get paused while waiting to get teleported.

- After Bloodseeker casts rupture on you, then Pudge meat hooks youfrom a distance, you will lose excessive amount of life due to distance& acceleration executed (You can actually see your hero bleedinglike crazy as he is being drawn by Pudge's hook)

- When you are Spirit Breaker, never use nether-strike when your enemyhero teleports to his or her base after the 3-second casting time,because you will be automatically teleported to your opponents base,and you will get raked by the chaos damage dealt by the fountain

- Sven's toughness aura stacks with ring of Basilius

- When Rhasta traps you with cyclone--mass serpent ward combination,you can easily escape with the following heroes: Tiny, you have to click the toss icon really fast when tiny lands down from the cyclone:it will toss the wards sky high making the wards dissipate (do it before Rhasta shackles you). Same goes for Omniknight, click on the magic deflection icon really fast when you land down, poof, the wards simply disappear

- Slowest hero: Techies with 270 MS

- Fastest hero: Chaos knight with 325 MS

- Fastest attack rate heroes: Anti-Mage and Terror-Blade

- Slowest attack rate hero: Vengeful spirit

- Antimage's armor + magic deflection shield stacks, reducing magic damage at the aggregate amount spell damaged reduced

- The Witch doctor, your armor doesn't reduce the damage of the chaos beams shooting out of the death ward

- Chicken-- Dagon combination only works if you give it a soul booster,giving Mystic staff that boosts intel will do nothing (it can also use Lothars)

- You can store items on your circle of power located in-between thetaverns, since it has an inventory slot (Make sure you place your itemson the right circle because once you place it on your allies' circleyou cannot retrieve it back)

- The thing inside the frozen throne (cryolite) in the scourge base is actually the Lich King

- Levithian's Kraken shell can remove negative buffs. Therefore, stun and slow effects from most heroes are shortened.

- Tormented Soul's Diabolic Edict can damage enemy towers faster than Krobelus when there are no enemy creeps around that tower.

- With Enchantress' impetus, it is possible to reach up to 360+distance damage when throwing at a fleeing Nightstalker (during night)or Lycanthrophe (shape-shift mode)

- Luna Moonfang's Eclipse damage is based on the level of your lucent beam skill. Therefore, if you max-out lucent beam, it will deal 300consecutive damage for four times (total of 1200 damage). However, when you put 0 point on lucent beam, your eclipse will take the lvl 1 lucent beam skill as the prior output damage of eclipse dealing 75 consecutiv edamage for four times (total of 300 damage).

-Balanar's Void disrupts channeling spells both day & night due to Ministun.

-Balanar's Ultimate Stops the current time turning it into night (0:00)after the durationof his ultimate it will go back to the current time when he casted his ulti.So one can cast his ultimate even at night and not waste its cooldown.

-Denying creeps also gives seeker blood [bloodbath].Purge doesn't remove rupture. If u rupture naga siren when she is splliting , her original image will take damage. Invisible heroes are auto attacked by Seeker whentheir hp less than 40% which can only be seen in the mini-map.

-Bloodseeker's images also has Bloodbath too and works on images too. Don't rupture any unit with magical immunity like Naix avatar or Omniknight with repel shield, they don't take movement damage.

-After u throw impetus,u can move back to increase distance between you and your target. That deals additional damage.
Calculation of impetus uses distance between u and enemy, not distance at time of throw and enemy.

-An enchantress being healed by wisps takes negligible damage when she is being dismembered.

-You can dismember an enemy at a higher range than 100,meaning higher range that rot effect.In this case turn rot OFF,cause only u and not the victimis taking damage.
u can hook/rot invisible heroes too.

-Deny creeps at maximum efficiency with Pudge since his flesh heap skill gives u strength from denied creeps also!u can check this by using -fleshstr

-If Barathrum is nether striking a Furion who warping/teleporting, then Barathrum will also be teleported .Bash hits before u actually hit so, bash cant miss.

-Broodmother's ultimate does not stack with Satanic's Unholy Rageability but it does stack with the normal 25% life steal Satanic gives.

-On Syllabear One doesn't have to summon the Bear again after taking the next level for the first skill if the unit is already summoned. The hp points of the bear is automatically increased according to level of the first skill.
The same goes for techies,if u lay level 1 mine and upgrade the skill level,all the mines u already placed are also upgraded.

-Roshan can endlessly respawn, he can get stronger 10 times. After that he doesn't get stronger but still respawns.

- The Melee Bash damage is reduced by spell resistance(and eliminated by magic immunity), but the stun is not blocked by magic immunity.

-You can toss Cycloned heroes with Tiny.

-If a spell deals exact damage (Laser, Bladestorm, Scream of Pain etc.), it will not work on decrepified units

-Tiny's illusion is always the smallest size tiny can be.

-Furions teleport and other skills like Assasinate can be aborted by pressing "S"top key

-Ranged creeps give 41 XP before their barracks is destroyed and 25 XP after.

-Priestess and void can jump out from net/entangle, but will still be trapped on the spot they land.

-You can improve crow/chicken movement speed with boots, and with Boots of Travel.

-Beware of using non-mana required skills like Rot or Enrage, while having Mana Leak on you. It will still drain mana.

-Heros with blink can evade animated attacks like Tinkers rocket the same way as evading attacks from ranged heros (f.e arrows).

-Dragonknight's Dragon Form has a splash damage that goes: 75 AoE (100% Damage), 250 AoE (50% Damage), 150 AoE (75% Damage).

-Gold lost for dying is 30*hero level. lvl 25 --> 750

-Maximum Movespeed= 522 and Minimum Movespeed = 100

-When Abbadon start's teleporting to get away fast and his ultimate activates, it cancels the teleport.

-Purge cannot cancel doom but Tidehunters Kraken shell can negate doom.

-Blademail's return stacks directly with Nerubian Assassin's skill, Spiked Carapace.

- Medusa has the lowest base HP among all heroes

- Gondar's Shuriken Toss,Balanar's Void, Luna's Lucent Beam,Zeus's Lightning Bolt, Doom's Lvl?Death, Magina's Mana Void, Azwraith's Spirit Lanceand Terrorblade's Sunder have a small stun duration. Thefirst bounce of Chain Frost mini-stuns, Expulsion mini-stuns, the first hit of Omnislash mini-stuns, Poison Touch (Only on level 3 &4.Ministun occurs in the beginning and at the end of the poison) and Meat Hook.

- Voodoo casting range is further than impale range

- Counter Helix can be triggered on Axe's images

- The maximum range of KOTL's Illuminate is longer than your experience range

- All heroes have a natural magic resistance of 25%

- The first 2 levels of Enigma's conversions create Eidelons with normal attack, while the last 2 levels give Eidelons with piercing attack

- If a hero has a skill which grants evasion, their skill will override any evasion given by an item. The evasion given by a butterfly overrides the evasion given by a Radiance, since it is a higher percent chance

-Enchantress's Enchant can dominate mirror images

- Melee Images also has mana break from Diffusal Blade and Manta Style

- A chicken can use the skills on such items as Dagon, Hand of Midas and Mekansm, provided they have
items which increase their mana pool enough to use them (for example, an Energy Booster, Point Booster or Soul Booster)

- Spirit Bear movespeed can be upgraded to 380 by learning level 4 Synergy

- Poison Nova and Poison Sting cannot kill units

- If Pudge gets doomed while roting, he can't turn it off

- Area skills such as WaveForm, Shockwave, Carrion Swarm, hits invisible units like Boneclinks while Wind Walking

- Eye of Skadi stacks with Maelstrom --> RANGED FORM

- Most buffs will be overridden by using Omniknight's Repel, Purge or Cyclone (there are exceptions, like Troll Warlord's Rampage

- The extra damage from Mask of Madness is of the same type as the incoming damage.

- Culling Blade will kill any target below the set HP threshold for thatspecific Culling Blade level except for Puck with Phase Shift onauto-cast.
(Actually it's possible to dodge it with Decripify as well, but I bet none is going to manage, it's close to impossible)

- If a hero with Frost Armor attacks a Centaur Warchief with Return it will slow the Centaur.
(This due to how Return works)

- Frost debuffs in the game except for Frost Arrows slow for a setvalue of 20% attackspeed and 30% movespeec, this goes for Frost Nova,Chain Frost, Eye of Skadi, etc.

- The Maim from Sange and Yasha slows movespeed by 30%.

- Sange's Maim slows by 10%

- The fountain heals 4% both mana and HP and +7 mana/sec.

  • The list : Did You Know ?
  • There are only THREE melee int heroes-Ogre magi ,Dark Seer and undying,
  • Axe's counter helix works under a chronosphere and even when stunned.
  • Omnislash deals around 200 damage per hit.
  • It is possible to suicide with the Centaur's double edge.
  • Slardar's Amplify Damage gives him sight of a unit.
  • Priestess of the Moon's Leap has no casting time.
  • Gondar's Track sees through invisibility.
  • Runes can be captured into your empty bottle and used within the next 2minutes or else it will be used.
  • Kelen's Dagger of Blink cannot be purchased by Vengeful Spirit or Pudge.
  • Harbinger's Essence Aura allows allies to regain mana by casting spells.
  • Moon Rider's Ultimate deals up to total 700-1200 damage.
  • Two secret shops are hidden somewhere in the forests.
  • Ancient Trees try to attack but can't.
  • Goblin Techies' "Suicide" deals magic and physical damages, meaning that it's reduced by both spell resistance and armor.
  • You can't kill with Poison Nova.
  • You can remove the "Eye in the forest" with a tango, purge the tree or use a skill such as smokescreen, spin web, light strike array, etc. which removes trees.
  • Runes spawn every 2 minutes. So you can check them 2 minutes after the game start.
  • Did you know? You can use items when you cast bladefury.
  • Did you know? Blade Mail returns magical damages.
  • Did you know? Blade Mail doesn't returns criticals.
  • Did you know? Rot deals magical damages ; Dismember too.
  • Did you know? The highest reachable movespeed is 522.
  • Did you know? Dagon 5 costs more then a Divine Rapier.
  • Did you know? Ulfsaar, Clinx and Puck has a secret name.
  • Did you know? Nessaj has the greatest base movespeed at 325.
  • Did you know? You can catch runes with an empty bottle.
  • Did you know? Illusions only get damage from stats and base damage.
  • Did you know? Illusions keep some passive abilites.
  • Did you know? Spells miss if you blink or wind walk at the right moment.
  • Did you know? All heroes have 25% magic resistance.
  • Did you know? Roshan has a Linken's Sphere like spell block?
  • Did you know? Linken Sphere doesn't block Dagon.
  • Did you know? You can consume a tango during a combat, the regeneration will not be stopped.
  • Did you know? Ring of Basilius' brilliance aura only gives 0.67 manaregeneration per second. This is fixed and is not affected by your other sources of mana regeneration.
  • Did you know? One point in strength gives you 19 hp and 0.03hp/sec regeneration.
  • Did you know? Each point of agility gives you 1% IAS and 0.14 armour points.
  • Did you know? Each point of intelligence gives you 13 mana and regenerates 0.04 mana per second.
  • Did you know? You need 67 Strength to get the same amount of health regeneration as one ring of regenaration adds.
  • Did you know? Land mines hurt towers, but suicide and remote mines do not.
  • Did you know? Goblin Techies' stasis wards have the longest stun in the game, at 6 seconds.
  • Did you know? The fountain of healing at either base can potentially be destroyed.
  • Did you know? Roshan drops cheese when slain more than two times.
  • Did you know? Spectre can teleport in place of any of her haunt images.
  • Did you know? Holy Knight's persuaded creeps do not have a timer.
  • Did you know? Enchantress can use her Enchant skill to control creeps for 2 minutes as well as slow heroes.
  • Did you know? Doom Bringer's Doom spell not only silences, but also includes passives such as Evasion, Bash, Critical Strike and similiar skills which are not triggered.
  • Did you know? Moon Rider is incapable of attacking when she has the orb effects Maim (Sange, Sange & Yasha), Corruption (StygianDesolator)and Chain Lightning (Maelstrom, Mjollnir).
  • Did you know? More then one basic move speed item will not stack with each other (Boots of Speed, Power Treads, Boots of Travel)
  • Did you know? The hero with the slowest base move speed is Goblin Techies, at 270.
  • Didyou know? The hero with the longest base range is Goblin Techies,at 650. With full upgrades, this changes to Dwarven Sniper, at 770.
  • Did you know? Obsidian Destroyer's Astral Prison also steals intelligence when used on an enemy hero, at 2 int per second of bring imprisoned.This stolen int is restored after 60 seconds.
  • Did you know? Treant Protector's Eyes in the Forest can see invisible units.
  • How to Avoid Tower Hits:
  • 1) Go out of its range and then again come back attacking.
  • 2) When the tower hits you, command your hero to start attack yourfriendly creeps. I know it sounds useless but if you do it right, thetower will stop hitting you. To do this, after giving "attack" on thenearest friendly creep or hero(works on illusions too), your hero willstop attacking the tower, and will face the creep, then its done rightand you can continue your lane pushing.
Note: If your HP is too low(red bar/for example/) you better retreat because it wont work.

- If a hero has a skill which grants evasion, their skill will override any evasion given by an item. The evasion given by a butterfly overrides the evasion given by a Radiance, since it is a higher percent chance

It is always the higher % that overrides.

- Images also has mana break from Diffusal Blade and Manta Style

Only melee images will be able to burn mana with it.

- You can boost Chen's speed up to 500+ with the followingrequirements: Boots of Travel, Sange & Yasha, Centaur Khan andSatyr Hellcaller converted as your creeps

IIRC, neither the Centaur nor the Hellcaller's auras increases your movespeed these days.

- Ursa Warrior's fury swipes are not effected by Enchantress' untouchable

I still don't get what that sentence means to say :O

- Linken's Sphere can deflect any spell except Naga Siren's ensnare net

I ought to be the one to say that this is not correct XD

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Did You Know? That I slept During reading this?

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