Banehallow - The Lycanthrope, Dota Hero Strategy Guide

Banehallow - The Lycanthrope
Range: 100 | | Move Speed: 295 | Primary: STR
Str: 22 + 2.75 | Agi: 16 + 1.9 | Int: 15 + 1.55
Damage: 53 - 57 | HP: 568 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.91 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 1.43 (+ 16% IAS) | Armor: 2.2

The first thing, this is my first guide (Mojo’s Guide) in DotA thanks to GrapeZ who show me how to play lycan. I never play lycan before, because I think he doesn’t have stun or any disabling spells and he can’t blink or windwalk. He just have 2 wolves “dolls” to play with and scare a little children or he can be “Midas” who wants to eat 3 little pigs wkwkwkwk… But after I see my friend GrapeZ play that lycan… Wow… And that change my perspective about lycan. And now I think… Lycan is one of the best heroes you can choose in DotA. He is a hunter, a pusher, a jungler, a chaser dan a killer… And He can KILL Roshan at Level 7… alone…


Summon Wolves (V)
Summons 2 Spirit Wolves to fight the Lycanthropy’s enemies. Lasts 55 seconds.
Level 1 - Summons 2 wolves with 17-18 normal damage, 1.25 BAT, 3 heavy armor, and 400 HP.
Level 2 - Summons 2 wolves with 27-30 normal damage, 1.2 BAT, 4 heavy armor and 500 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical strike.
Level 3 - Summons 2 wolves with 34-40 normal damage, 1.15 BAT, 5 heavy armour, and 600 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical
Level 4 - Summons 2 wolves with 43-49 normal damage, 1.1 BAT, 5 heavy armor, and 700 HP; they also have 30% chance to deal 1.5x critical, and permanent invisibility with 3 seconds fade time
Wolves can attack air and have 400 movespeed
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 30

Howl (W)
An eerie loud howl grants an inner strength to all player controlled units and allied heroes.
Lasts 16 seconds.
Level 1 - Adds 11 damage to heroes. 4 damage to units.
Level 2 - Adds 22 damage to heroes. 8 damage to units.
Level 3 - Adds 33 damage to heroes. 12 damage to units.
Level 4 - Adds 44 damage to heroes. 16 damage to units.
Mana Cost: 15/ 20/ 25/ 30
Cooldown: 35

Feral Heart (E) [Passive]
Increases the attack damage and attack speed of the Lycanthrope and his units.
Level 1 - 10% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 2 - 15% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 3 - 20% bonus damage and attack speed.
Level 4 - 25% bonus damage and attack speed.

Shapeshift (F)
A Full Moon curdles the blood of the Lycanthropy. He transforms into a Wolf with extra hit points, 30% to deal a 1.5x critical strike, and increased attack speed (BAT from 1.7 to 1.4). This gives him and his units the ability to move at a constant maximum speed and not be slowed.
Level 1 - 100 bonus hit points, lasts 14 seconds.
Level 2 - 200 bonus hit points, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 3 - 300 bonus hit points, lasts 16 seconds.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100/70/40


Lvl 1: Summon Wolves
Lvl 2: Feral Heart
Lvl 3: Summon Wolves
Lvl 4: Feral Heart
Lvl 5: Summon Wolves
Lvl 6: Shapeshift
Lvl 7: Summon Wolves
Lvl 8: Feral Heart
Lvl 9: Feral Heart
Lvl 10: Howl
Lvl 11: Shapeshift
Lvl 12: Howl
Lvl 13: Howl
Lvl 14: Howl
Lvl 15: Stats
Lvl 16: Shapeshift
Lvl 17-25: Stats


Power Treads (STR) (1850) For basic movement speed, good attack speed, and the bonus stats will be helpful. I think Power Treads better than Boots of Travel because changing into wolf will max his speed already. Holding a TP scroll to get back to base to defend will take over the job of BoT even thou without the tele-to-creep privilages as i think it isn’t needed till lategame where pushing gets more and more important.

Vladmir’s Offering (2075) Lifesteal from Vladmir’s Offering is sustainable when fighting a hero. With the bonus damage aura, which synergies with Howl, it is a great addition to the team’s total amount of DPS. It is useful too when you are NC-ing with your wolves as they can sustain their life longer.

Black King Bar (3800)
I add this Item (BKB) into core item because we rarely meet our opponent without 1 or 2 disabler in their team. With strength and damage boost plus 16 second Avatar that will be enough to pawn those irritating disablers during your insane wolf form. The duration of 10 seconds of magical invulnerability goes almost smoothly with your Shapeshift duration.


Stygian Desolator (4420)
This item has a Great damage, and this item makes lycan to be the best hunting heroes and farming. And even better combined with Battle fury as it improves cleaved damage.

Assault Cuirass (6120)
GREAT attack speed and armor reduction(to enemies) and addition(allies) aura which helps ur team in battles and goes well with Desolator and/or Battle Fury.

Heart Of Tarrasque (5500)
Good damage addition and tankability for a STR hero. Able to sustain survivabilty as enemies may focus fire on you due to your dmg.
This build is GREAT for hunting down single heroes and enables you to take out 2 or 3 heroes in a major battle.It is also great for pushing as this build provides you to deal heavy, i mean HEAVY, DPS to your helpless enemies and towers. Sadly, its only flaw is that it is too single targeted.

Battle Fury (4350)
Other builds would be adding a Battle Fury to your inventory rather than a Heart of Tarrasque as there will not be much of tanking to do if your team has a great aoe disabler who r capable of bringing your enemies close to gather like Enigma or Magnataur. It is known that the cleave of Battle Fury is based on your main target’s armor, the items listed which minuses the target’s armor is crucial in dealing heavy damage. With a Battle Fury and your armor reducing items, you can clear a entire team with just a few nasty swipes of your paws.

Burizza ( )

This item can be very deadly. It has critical damage that synergy with vlad’s lifesteal witch boost your hit point to full in a secong and synergy with wolf critical damage so that almost ever hit you will see the red number from one or two even three wolf.

Radiance ( )

You can use this item if you have invincible enemies. Have great damage and the aura can reduce hit point other enemies. And the aura very usefull to chase enemies who wants to escape from battle. Just chase them and they will be dead.


Early Game : Get a Ring of Basillus and Tangos. From level 1 to 3 you can join your teamate in a line (this is faster to gain level 3 in a line than you have to wait noob camp to spawn 3 times). Level 3-7 Neutral Creep your way to a Power Threads and a Vladmir’s Offering and try to get Black King Bar When you get your lvl 2 Summon Wolves, go to Ogre (lvl 3)or Mud Golems (lvl 5) or Dark Troll (lvl6). After level 5, you are now able to kill Centaurs or Furlbogs, but dodged their Claps or Stuns. Just farm farm and farm your way to succesion on owning the game. And if you want you can solo ROSHAN at level 7 with full mana and hit point and your item already boots and vlads. Summon level 4 wolves for 3 times and you can say bye bye to Roshan. After you kill ROSHAN continue to 1 or 2 NC-ing and you will arrive to Level 9.

Mid Game : Level 9, your team is bound to gank enemies, and Howl will be helpful in successfully eliminate the targeted hero. You should be doing some hunting of heroes yourself. Pick out those heroes who dare to farm themselves without their teammates around. If your best enemy is Tanker, get Deso or Burizza and Assault Cuirass. If your teammates is mass disabler, get Battle Fury. The item build depending on your opponent’s team line-up.

Late Game : Walk with your team to push down their tower, one after another, alternating lanes one at a time and pick out Disablers (e.g. Lion, Rhasta) heroes first. Then the Carry hero (e.g. Troll Warlord), then finally the Tanker (e.g. Centaur).

And that’s all for now… This may not the best Guide but it can helps you to win… Thanks for read this Guide and i hope you can help me to review any flaws… by send me your comment…

71 Comments yet..:

Unknown said...

Nice for a 1st guide works well but i would probs get your core items with a satanic heart and BDK
TY for da guide :)

Anonymous said...

Can i use phase boots instead of PT or BOT?

Anonymous said...

awesome guide...i have never played with this hero b4,after reading this,,i played with this hero in 5v5 match & the end game results were,we got victorious & i got 18 killz with 1 death..thanx dude,,...

anahad ahluwalia said...

n1 due but d invent i use witch lycan is pt vlad heart nd dn assault
but me a noob only 7 months since started dotaso any suggestions?????????

Anonymous said...

1 treads
(By now you are probably raping

Anonymous said...

.. Noob post at bottom... WTF 2 orbs? saitanic and SnY dont stack

Anonymous said...

go phase boots instead of powerthreads..use SNY after BKB.. careful.. dont be greedy you can always be killed when bkb is cooling down..

Anonymous said...

SNY and Satanic are both orbs! they won't stack!!
Lycan is a DPSer...
my build!!:
treads - you need stats not speed you have shapehift
offering - lifesteal, perfectly fits w/ your shapeshift!
battle fury - for more farming and damage
mkb - for mini-stun and also damage
radiance - for more farming and also fits w/ ur great speed!!

Anonymous said...

are you sure u can defeat roshan at level 7??? with power threads and vlad??

Anonymous said...

is it true i can defeat rosh at lvl 7?? hhmmm..
use tredz.snY.vlad.buriza.mkb.HoT. xD

Anonymous said...

I suggested this items:

-Manta Style
-Diffusual Blade
-HEart of Tarrasque/Assault Cuirass
-Battle Fury/Deso/Radiance
-Boots of Travel or PT

*i hope u tried it ...

Anonymous said...

i usually get vlad´s, Treads, Basher, Aegis, BKB, buriza

Anonymous said...

Nice. But my item build will be:
Phase boot
You need bash as u gt high AS and phase to chase. Itz annoying if u can run but blocked.

Anonymous said...

nice guide.but can you tell me a way hau to use inv of wlfves the inv is not unles i hope

Anonymous said...

get this:


or replace diffusial with ac and basher with burizia depending on your team, the build above is for carry and ac with burizia is for semicarry

Anonymous said...

only bracer vlad and satanic u could be dominating...

~ 2pe^^ said...

i suggest item:

Anonymous said...

To the guy above me

sny + diffusal is FAIL ---> 2 orbs

The only real things that lycan really needs to own with is
BKB (you need this for your ulti to have full effect)

The rest is optional, but don't be noob and get 2 orbs.

Anonymous said...

I do vladymir,treads,and craniam bashar,2.heart and it gets the job done
I like it just the weay I do it


Anonymous said...

1. Vlads
2. treads
3. basher
4. buriza
5. deso
6. tarrasque

thats it....beyond GODLIKE

love this hero...lvl 7 kill roshan with vlads and treads only...

Anonymous said...

My build is usually: Treads, vlads, basher, Battlefury, tarasque, desolator / BKB - Wud use BKB if theres alot of disabler.. from what i noticed.. once u get vlads and basher.. can pretty much become a killing machine from there on

lycanthrope said...

wow you are so pro bro

Anonymous said...

good guide

Anonymous said...

my build will be..
1)PT (other boots will be useless as lycan will have max
movement speed if he use Shapesifting)
2)Vlad (combined with Howl, the best item for bane)
3)SnY (helps getting a decent speed when not in wolf form
and the maim is very useful for chasing)
4)Bash (again, best item for chassing)
5)HoT (well yeah, almost all str heroes need this)
6)will be optional but I prefer cuirass ( as long you're not buying absurd items such as guinso or satanic)

if you managed get up until bash, the game would ended very soon, but if it's goes to long buy the 5th and 6th goods

battle fury is not really necessary as banehallow farms well even without one, and the hp regen is better of with HoT

BKB IS A MUST BUY if most of opponent teams is a disabler
try to get it after vlad, but only on above condition

Anonymous said...

Loll i fucken wonder why nobody here talked about Cranium Basher.. It's so godly shit! like when you shapeshift if you have 2 cranium bashers, you will stun every 2 hits... Like u start with a Vlad, Threads, Basher, SnY, Basher, HoT..

Anonymous said...

When I've read that he can take out Roshan at lvl 7, I've said "Yeah right and pigs can fly". After I've tried it for myself I couldn't believe my eyes; he kicked Roshan's ass. Truly a powerful hero.

Anonymous said...

Lycan is a monster... when I chose Alchemist as my hero, AN AI DEFEATED ME... AND THAT AI IS LYCAN.
Lycan can be a monster if you play him the right way.
Your guide is very good. I'll just add some few tips.
Power treads
Phase boots

----When in battle tips---
1. Summon your wolves
2. Attack your enemy. USE HOWL.
3. When you enemy's health is orange, Activate your ulti.
4. When your enemy is running, activate your BKB. (so that you wont be stunned or disabled)
5 easy ways to be a killer
----retreating tips----
Activate your ulti (If not in cool down)
Activate BKB--

Lycan CAN defeat any hero in DotA. I give you that.

Anonymous said...

its nice to have a BAsHER

Anonymous said...

Lol you sure? I died 0 times and 20 plus kills!!! PRO HUH? 1 vs 5 man!

Anonymous said...

My Exotic Build for Lycan that is very successful is:

Threads... nxt BoT...
Vlad... nxt optional... Rapier or BF...
...Necronomicon... or Basher...
...Manta Style... or Satanic...

Hehe... wondering Necro and Manta... pro players immediately know why i build this...

With the last skill, all ur controlled units are 522 ms... with lvl 3 necro wid constant manaburn and 200 manaburn ability and a True Sight... Wid Howl and Vlad... u can be a one man clasher... even wid invi enemies...

And with perfect timing... just time the pressing of manta and lycanthropy... u have 5 wolves, 2 warlocks chasing 5 heroes... Philippines Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

instead of MKB ... just use BKB ..... Noob .!

Anonymous said...

best build for him is :
pt ( str)
S & Y
after this you are allready quite good .
u will have like 4000 hp and + 202 damage :D

Anonymous said...

hi guys for me lycan is best hero in dota this new is more agresive than older one..for me try to make armlet of mordiggian before u reach 7lvl and power trade thats enough to own all heroes caze armlet gives 25+strength -atck speed and damage etcc hero like trexes and riki dies ins 3 -4hits and after that go for stanic buriza butterfly/assault..and 1damage inventory or hot that enough uare damage will 400+with Howl lol

Anonymous said...

If i i will add his speed so he will be a hunter

Anonymous said...

tnx for the guide!

Anonymous said...

I have been playing lycan lately in the new version 6.71B and he needs to have these items for rape in any game.

Chicken --> Courier


Get these two in either order. Then get...

Cranium Basher

Next get:


After get either one in either order:


And you will get a positive K/D ratio, I have never had a negative one yet. Also your team will most likely win if they know what their doing. If they don't you may loose but you should still have a positive K/D ratio. :)

Anonymous said...

this is so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i suggest this items:

Anonymous said...

1)mask of madnes
3)power treads
4)assault cuiras
6)radiance or battle fury
with help this item will have good damage good atack speed
many health and fuck your teammates team will interfere to you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my build is


-after that..
im unbeatable^^

Anonymous said...

can i use vanguard?

Amiruldenil said...

this is agreed,, at lvl 9-11~ u can dominate like hell.. but if u get bkb it would much be better to get in a crowd with 3-4 heroes... u could at least double kill with only just these items.. :D

Anonymous said...

Lvl 7 can kill roshan!
I already did that.
and it was fast!

Anonymous said...

what about armlet? if is to hard t odo bkb... i mean 25 str its a greatly adition and armlet is so easy to do

Anonymous said...

Nah I think you should get him:

Anonymous said...

U guys are all noobs... idk what era this guide is from but todays lycan pros (myself included) use:



Arcane (constant wolf spam)

Buriza/MKB (Some ppl go for Mjollnir also, it works well)


And if u say "WTF U know the cost of those items u noob?!?" The answer is, yes i do, but lycan is such an imba hunter that if ur good in 90% of the games u play u'll have those items by late game, and maybe even more.

Anonymous said...

i think u should rush baser
i am a lycan user and hes my star hero and i use






Anonymous said...

bobo mo bou ko to







thats all thank you:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

try this build :))

phase boots
Mask Of Madness(MOM)
cranium basher
Black king bar(BKB)
Assault Cuirass
Sange and Yasha(SNY)


Anonymous said...

power treads
sange and yasha
bkb....lycan will godlike...

Kughan Ravindran said...

Treads, Vladmir, Cranium, BKB, Heart. These items make Lycan really IMba probably you can aeigis as your next item

Anonymous said...

This guide is great!
I've just started playing Dota and always sucked... until I red this guide! Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

My Item Build:

Anonymous said...

the best build for him is like this
4.battle fury
I tried that it is good

Anonymous said...

i think it's better like this i've tried this so far and helped me a lot

battle fury

this items helped a lot especially the basher it stuns the enemies and nowhere to fight

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

weak..SnY is not an orb..

Anonymous said...

i have only been playing dota for about a year now, but if theres one character i know its bane, i would recommend these items:
1. treads
2. ancient janggo
3. vlads
4. a/c
5. heart
6. cranium basher
TOTAL COST: 19,025 gold

as you can see they are all relatively cheap and cause seriuos damage even without the use of your ulti, which gives you massive damage with your critical strike, at level 25 with these items you have over 220 dmg, with over 500 critical, and your wolves are also extremely powerful, farm up vlads first, then janggo as it gives your wolves and teammates attack speed and movement speed aura, along with +9 to all abilities

Anonymous said...

the way i see it you can own the game as soon as you reach lvl 6..

my build:
1. phase boots ( because when you chase enemy heroes and you summoned your wolves it can be a prick if you keep colliding with em. wastes a lot of precious seconds while in wolf form)
2. Orb of venom. ( max speed + high damage + 2 wolves with critical strike + slow = easy kills)
3. learn to pick enemy heroes for the kill. (e.g. are drow ranger, mortred, etc. since most of these heroes might not have boots yet.


Anonymous said...

bobo nyo ito ang best item ni lycan

Anonymous said...

my build for banehallow are treads , vlad , sny , basher , heart of tarrasque , then mkb/bkb . haha you can kill more if u use those items for late games

Cogito said...

weill my item build for lycan is

SnY vlad threads deso then busher make it abbysal blade

Cogito said...

SnY threads deso abbysal vlad then radiance/Heart

Anonymous said...

do you know how to play with Zeus

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

t.y 4 the tipz

Anonymous said...

TY firt he guid and for the version with spongebob in it :D wish you better

Anonymous said...

Dude u call those items stats items?

Anonymous said...

Manta style will disable your wolf form. PERIOD.

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