Apteka, the new rising team

Many people have wondered where Azen and Minitito are in now that they left their teams and today we have the answer. Together with Zhanis, they formed a new team, Apteka. With such a strong lineup, the team is ready to take some serious challenge.

After the reformation of Ks.int, Azen left Ks and joined up with his old friend Zhanis to form a brand new team. While being unknown in big tournaments, Zhanis has proven himself in many IHCS/IDEC games. Together with former SK member Minitito, this is a team that cannot be underestimated.

So how did you guys got together and decided to form the team?

We played alot of game together in IDEC and it worked out really well, so we decided to form a team.

What tournaments will the team participate in the future?

So far we will be in the upcoming EEDC season 2, and will try to participate in more online tournaments.

What is the team's aim?

We will play in online tournaments and try our best to win them.

Can you tell us the roles of every member?

Everyone can play any role so we swap between each other, but basically it is Astra/Zhanis support while others gank and carry

Apteka Team Roster looks as follow:

Zhanis (Leader)

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