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Anub’arak was once the greatest champions of the Nerubians, but fell in the Second War of the Spider. He was resurrected by the Lich King Ner’Zhul, who promised him eternal undeath in exchange for his unswerving loyalty. His layers of spiked armor are nearly impregnable, causing severe damage to attackers. When threatened, he shoots this spikes through enemies, maiming and disorienting them. He channels his dark powers into a bolt of disarming negative energy, and those who witnessed him blending into the shadows of the frozen tundra have never lived to tell the tale.

Strength - 18 + 2
Agility - 19 + 2.2
Intelligence - 18 + 2.1

Attack range of 128 (melee)
Movement speed of 300

This is an annoying hero in dota. Good Disabler, Good Backstabber, Have Mana burst, and Have Wind Walk to Escape or backstab. Thats why this hero very fun to play to disturb other player lol.



Mechanics: the damage is magical. Impale renders a unit invulnerable for 1 second while it is in the air and the Stun duration begins once the unit hits the ground, so in total the disable lasts for 3.25 overall. Because it is an Impale based spell from ladder it does not affect units that are already stunned by some other Impale-based ability. They also do not affect units that are under the effects of Frostbite or Overgrowth (because they are based on Entangling Roots) or of Ensnare.
Impaled units also face the caster when they land on the ground.

Strategics: Use it wisely. Because of the Impale coding you don’t want to ruin any of your allies spells so use this wisely. It can also be used for farming because of its large aoe and damage.

Mana Burn:

Mechanics: it has a range of 500/575/650/725 and the damage is magical. It deals damage based on the amount of mana burnt, so if they have no mana you can’t deal any damage with this spell.
Strategics: This is the reason why Nerubian Assassin has strong lane control. Mana Burn ruins most lane combos because the enemy will be unable to harass you with their spells.

Spiked Carapace:

Mechanics: stacks with Blademails and returns the damage as magic damage so magic immunity will prevent this.
Strategics: this is the weakest spell of the bunch because it only returns melee damage and your job is not to tank but to deal burst damage.


Mechanics: It is the same damage as a normal attack. It is almost like as if you did a critical, which explains the numbers above his head when he attacks.
Strategics: This is your signature move and the reason why ganking is so easy. The invisibility means that you are able to approach the enemy with the element of suprise and to deal burst damage. It lasts 50 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown at lvl 16 which means you can be invisible 90% of the time late game with 20% bonus movespeed. Use it to begin ganks and for the ms bonus late game.


Level 01 - Mana Burn
Level 02 - Impale
Level 03 - Mana Burn
Level 04 - Impale
Level 05 - Impale
Level 06 - Vendetta
Level 07 - Impale
Level 08 - Mana Burn
Level 09 - Mana Burn
Level 10 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 11 - Vendetta
Level 12 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 13 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 14 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 15 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 16 - Vendetta
Level 17 - Attribute Bonuses/Spiked Carapace
Level 18 - Attribute Bonuses/Spiked Carapace
Level 19 - Attribute Bonuses/Spiked Carapace
Level 20 - Attribute Bonuses/Spiked Carapace
Level 21 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 22 - Spiked Carapace/Attribute Bonuses
Level 23 - Spiked Carapace/Attribute Bonuses
Level 24 - Spiked Carapace/Attribute Bonuses
Level 25 - Spiked Carapace/Attribute Bonuses


First Item : you will start with Tangos and Clarities because they provide early regen before you get your bottle. My personal favorite starting items are 2 sets of tangos, 2 clarities, 2 branches and a mantle of int.

Null Talisman : Nulls provide mana capacity for your combo and also a little HP if you take damage. If you want more survivability, get Bracers. Do not get Wraiths because you will rarely attack the opponent, instead you will be nuking them to death.

Dagon : Dagon amplifies Nerubian Assassin’s burst damage and also provides more mana. With the buff to Dagon you will be upgrading it to Dagon 5 because the Mana Cost and Cooldown lowers with each upgrade.

BOT : Combined with Vendetta NA is a fast bug. Also the teleport helps in getting to ganks quickly.

Guinsoo : This item will boost your mana cause you are an agility nukers hero. And you can turn your opponent into a chicken so that you can eat them. This item increase your strength, agility and intelegent at once.


This will be your “Trade Mark” combo. Basically you start a gank with Vendetta and then hit the opponent once then follow with Mana Burn/Impale and if you have Dagon then use it, if they are still alive then use Mana Burn/Impale. You will should use Impale instead of Mana Burn first if they have high ms or have a escaping ability. This combo is a lot easier to pull of with an allies stun or nuke and does much more damage. Note the amount of burst damage this combo does depending on your level and if you have dagon. Unfortunately you cannot use way-points with NA because Vendetta is counted as a normal attack and so he will contiuously attack the target if you try using way-points, another problem with way-points is Impale completely erases all way points done on the target before. Once you get used to doing this combo without misclicking/lagging, the kills will start to roll in with your unescapable combo and element of suprise.

Have a nice play…

19 Comments yet..:

Anonymous said...

If I chang null by
-vladimir offering
& last space I use sange&yasha,
how about your oppinion?

Anonymous said...

it sux, with nerub u have to come , kill ur opponent in max 5 seconds and back to base or farm , nothing else so ur butterfly and vlad are 100% useless

neng_geulis said...

i think,, it's depen to ur enemies,, butterfly and vlad are good if ur enemies use anti-spell like purish,,,
4 me, firts i make buriza,,, hehehe

Anonymous said...

agreed.. from m experience, na iss a totally a kser and no nid any damage item

Anonymous said...

Lol, what a nice ks hero, I'm gonna try him(/her, idk)and see if I can play him. But I prefer The "pig hero" idk the name but he can do double stun and which is ma favourite xD

Unknown said...


2 nerubian killers!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The new anub'arak is the best!

Anonymous said...

i think battle fury is also great for it regens hp and plus damage also i agree on buriza for critical

Anonymous said...


eduardo servinas said...

diz is the kind of hero that is so very wise and i like it so much..u cannot defeat me f diz is the hero i choose..haha xD..
i build first is boots courrier and play in the battle and then buy crew..bottle..null talisman 2 pcs and then finish treads..vladimirs..S and Y..dagger or else guinso and dagon monkey..

Blackdoom59 said...

My build 4 anub'arak

4-BF(yeah , but it stacks :P)

Tends to work out well , always having full mp/hp regen and ulti goes with cleave 4 taking out multiple mobs/heroes.

I never used him as a caster...I mostly played for his ultimate , and impale , mana burn only 4 int heroes.

However , I nvr pick him.On Ar I usualy go get poor man's shield , some clarities/tangoos.If I pick him I start with 3 tangoos and 1 wraith band.

Next time I'l try the caster build ;)

Anonymous said...

Make boot of mana, disassemble for blood stone, make boot of travel, stygian and assault... bkb or hood, butterfly. Stygian and assault are just as usefull as dagon for ganking/killing, and better for late game. Maybe you are not a carry but you can dps and tank with this build.

Anonymous said...

for me this new item build works
arcane boots

Anonymous said...

actually i thing an arcane boots and 5 divine rapiers will really do good

Anonymous said...

but you will be good if you use arcane then shiva for defence and second skill , use dagon it okay up lvl 3 only then vlad

Anonymous said...

i dont use lifesteals in NEru i just use bloodstone or tarrasque or vanguard you dont DAMAGE for neru not really try this build Arcane,Dagon5,bloodstne/vanguard/tarraque,Guinsoo,cuirass,bkb

Anonymous said...


Tranquility/Dagon (It's up to you which going to be the first to be build)
Eul's Scepter (much better than Linken, if you know what I mean) (Gain more M.Speed)
SangeYasha - (much speed much better)
Ethereal - (gain agi > gain atk.speeed > gain armor > extra dmg for dagon, mana burn , and impale.)
then the last 2 it's up to you. because by the time you build this 4 first item. The game almost at the end.

Just bring 2 tp's to you so that you can gank easily or back to lane quickly.

Unknown said...

vendetta+impale+ethereal+mana burn+dagon=gg

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