SK.Akke retires from SK Gaming

The swedish player Sweden SK|Akke from the division one team Sweden SK-Gaming decided to retire. This is due to real life, as he have chosen to study further and we all know that it tends to become difficult to keep up with both and therefor a decision must be made.

Interview Of Sk.Akke

Last year I started university but decided to make a break and wait a year to chill and play DotA and just have fun, travel (which we did to Russia, France and USA) and then start to study again.

I have been trying to keep up both but it`s hard to study that much that I have to do and still be in a top team like SK, so I have taken the decision to step down and let someone else take my place. We all will be still very good friends so we will see what happens in the future if my studies fail .

In the interview Akke also states that he might join a team that ain`t that high up in the scene, and if he "fails" the studies as he mentions it himself, he might return again. Furthermore there are rumours about that "Snow" might be the replacement, at least Akke states that he would be glad to see him take his spot.

We also got a little statement from the team captain Sweden SK|Loda

Statement from SK|Loda (team captain)

Akke retiring wasn`t anything that came right out of the blue, I knew about it since ESWC. Atleast I had a feeling that would happen. I`ve decided that I can only keep players around me that takes the game as serious as I do. Akke is a really good friend, but he couldn`t stay and he took the decision before I would have to make it for him.

This leaves the Sweden SK-Gaming roster like this:
Sweden SK|Loda (Captain)
Sweden SK|Caramon (Manager)
Sweden SK|Tompa
Sweden SK|Hailo
Sweden SK|ZoN
Sweden SK|KwoM

You can read the full interview witk Akke here!

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