Rikimaru, The Stealth Assassin DotA Hero Strategy Guide

Rikimaru is a pretty decent DPS hero but has a lack of lane control and low HP. His signature skill, Permanent Invisibility makes him extremely powerful in pub games because it's less likely that the enemy team will buy sentry wards to counter him.
Morning tavern, bottom left. His location, what do you mean what.

Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 182

Strength - 17 + 2
Agility - 24 + 2.9 (Primary)
Intelligence - 14 + 1.3

Base damage 48 - 52
Attack range of 125 (melee)
Base Armor 5.4
Movement speed of 300


Blink Strike

Teleports to an enemy and strikes at it, dealing bonus damage.
Costs 50 mana.

Level 1 - 30 second cooldown, deals 30 extra damage.
Level 2 - 20 second cooldown, deals 60 extra damage.
Level 3 - 10 second cooldown, deals 90 extra damage.
Level 4 - 5 second cooldown, deals 120 extra damage. Can now teleport to an ally.

Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 30/ 20/ 10/ 5

Great skill for chasing and help last hitting in the early games.


Throws a smoke bomb down in the area, silencing opponents and causing them to miss on most of their attacks. Also slows by 25% at all levels. Doesn't silence item spells.
Lasts 7 seconds.

Level 1 - 250 AoE, 50% miss.
Level 2 - 275 AoE, 60% miss.
Level 3 - 300 AoE, 70% miss.
Level 4 - 325 AoE, 80% miss.

Mana Cost: 75/ 80/ 85/ 90
Cooldown: 15

This skill is really usefull for team battle and ganking enemies. Silencing enemies and yet enemy almost cannot hit you. Smokescreen can also destroy trees, use it to kill Treant’s eyes or Furion’s Sprout if necessary. Smokescreen can’t silence item spells, which means any hero with Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse can hex you immediately after you’ve cast smokescreen.


The Stealth Assassin isn't afraid to fight dirty, and specializes in attacking his opponents from behind.

Level 1 - Deals .25x the Agility of the SA to the target.
Level 2 - Deals .5x the Agility of the SA to the target.
Level 3 - Deals .75x the Agility of the SA to the target.
Level 4 - Deals 1x the Agility of the SA to the target.

This skill makes almost SA guide focusing on buy agility items. The bonus damage only given when you attack the enemies from behind. In certain angles, you can still get this bonus when you attack beside the enemies. Just watch the blood animation for the successful backstab.

Permanent Invisibility

Hero becomes permanently invisible when not attacking.
Level 1 - 3.5 second fade time.
Level 2 - 2.5 second fade time.
Level 3 - 1.5 second fade time.

Rikimaru’s unique skill. Permanent invisibility means you can slip away to enemy territory without worrying. Getting exp without harassed. Unfortunately, good enemies player will counter you with wards or gems.

Skill Build

1. Blink Strike
2. Smokescreen
3. Blink Strike
4. Backstab
5. Blink Strike
6. Permanent Invisibility
7. Blink Strike
8 – 10. Backstab
11. Permanent Invisibility
12-14. Smokescreen
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Permanent Invisibility
17 - 25. Attribute Bonus

Blink Strike is your primary skills for early games. It can be cast on both allies and enemies, which means you can always Blink Strike to your allied creeps if accident happens and to chase fleeing enemies if opportunity appears. You also need one level of Smokescreen to silence/ mini-stun enemies just in case and Backstab to help your last hit creeping.

Some people will say it is better to take Backstab than Blink Strike because it doesn’t need mana. But in reality, there is nobody outside that will let you hitting creeps from their back. Stealth Assassin will be harassed pretty much until he gains his invisibility. With Blink Strike, you can steal last hitting and getting some gold. The second reason, in the early games bonus damage given by Backstab is smaller compared to Blink Strike. Your agility is still small and your items is still nothing. That’s why we should max blink strike first. Invisibility is taken immediately for obvious reason.

Item Build

1.Ring of Regeneration and 2 – 3 Sapphire Water
2.Boots of Elvenskin
3. Blade of Alacrity
4. Robe of Magi
5. Finish Diffusal Blade
6. Boots of Speed
7. Vitality Booster
8. Blade of Alacrity
9. Finish Yasha
10. Finish Manta Style
11. Get another Yasha
12. More Yasha
13. Power Treads
14. Butterfly

Your items should be like this:

Ring of Regeneration is better than tangoes because Rikimaru has invisbility. He doesn’t have to return to fountain when his HP is low. Just stay invisible, regenerate and leech experience. That’s why the Ring of Regeneration is for. Water is also good for Stealth Assassin because after drink water you can stay invisible. And then problem begin, why we should buy Manta for Riki?

Manta Style is the best counter against gem carriers and all kinds of silence spells. Panic when Silencer/ Death Prophet/ Drow Ranger cast Silence on you, because you’re revealed? Use Manta to break the silence spells and confuse enemies! When Bounty Hunter or Slardar track you, split images to break it. While gem and silence spells are a counter to invisibility, illusions are a counter to gems and silence spells. In particular, using Manta can immediately counter all kinds of silence spells, because AoE silence cannot stop heroes from using item spells. Manta also gives you some sort of HP bonus. It is relatively easier to build up Manta because the most expensive part is the Diffusal Recipe that cost you 1550.

Why we got 3 Yashas??? Yasha is the single best item for Stealth Assassin even if you ignore the additional movement speed bonus. It gives you agility at a relatively low price and all your images benefit from Yasha immensely. Yasha is better than butterfly for several reason. Riki doesn’t need evasion too much, because he is invisible and has Smoke Screen. 3 Yashas also give 48 agility, which means 48 base damage, 48 backstab damage, 48*0.8 = 38.4 damage if you use Manta, plus 7 armor 48% bonus attack speed that almost as good as a hyperstone for you AND your images. Butterfly only gives half the agility, gives you a good but irrelevant bonus called Evasion, and other bonuses that don't apply to images. And the last reason is farming Eaglehorn is a lot harder for Riki comparing with farming Yashas. However, if you have 3 Yashas and the game still goes on, it doesn't harm to get a Butterfly since you have only 1 more inventory slot (throw away the Ring of Regeneration).


Pick a solo lane because Stealth Assassin needs to level up to learn Permanent Invisibility as soon as possible. But if you facing a hard lineup and does not feel confident get a lane mate. Early game your own job is to survive and get last hit. Don’t try to be ambitious and harassing with Stealth Assassin. This simply doesn’t work. Your early game goal should be to gain last hit and survive. Unless the chances are really favorable and you’re sure that the enemies will be forced to retreat after you’ve cast a smokescreen, forget about harassing. In most cases, you’ll end up being harassed. Most Stealth Assassin players have serious problems in farming throughout the game. If you can stay in lane for a reasonably long time and take advantage of Backstab to do last hit creeping, you’ve already done half the task.

When your enemies place Sentry Ward on any particular lane, just get Scroll of Townportal and go to another lane. With just 135 gold, you can enjoy painless last hit creeping, so it is worth the price. In addition, do yourself a favor. Watch the timer right after you’ve spotted the Sentry Ward. You don’t want to go there again until the Sentry is gone.

When you reach midgame, continue to do last hit.It is boring and requires attention, but this is the sad fact of all Stealth Assassin players. When you hitting randomly, it means more time that you’re revealed in battlefield. Therefore you will be vulnerable and can easily got killed. With Level 4 Backstab, Blade of Alacrity and Boots of Elvenskin, you have +32 damage so it isn’t insanely difficult to gain last hit. Once you have your Diffusal Blade, help out your team by casting smokescreen and purge. However, before you have Manta, ask your teammates to avoid pushing the lanes that are with Sentry. By doing so you’re spending 200% effort with 50% reward. It is just not worth. Stealth Assassin can’t do anything substantial other than throwing smokescreens and a few occasional Blink Strikes unless he has a first major item, this should be common knowledge.

When your enemies starting to have Gem / Necronomicon it means they want to kill you before you can cast smokescreen in team battles. Smokescreen is very annoying especially in team battles. So, your main task is to throw a smokescreen on enemy heroes before you die. How to do that? The trick is to split images and march in with all the images. Yes the enemies will still see you, but they will be confused on which unit they should hit. That’s the thing you want! Now just cast Smokescreen and then whack your enemies together with your allies. Silence will break your invisibility, but fortunately Manta can break silence spells. Whenever you’re silenced, use Manta. When you are facing Gynsoo user, Manta first before engaging your enemies.Sometimes you also can have advantage with your invisibility by patrolling jungle. When you find enemies jungling, initiate ganking immediately.

In the late game, now that you have Manta and can afford to be aggressive. Continue to do last hit creeping when you’re not in major battles, and confuse the enemies/ protect yourself by images and smokescreens. Once you have Yasha/ Butterfly you can even engage in close combats with enemies, but before that you’re just a combo started/ chaser/ harasser, rather than the power house of your team. The most important thing you should remember, Stealth Assassin is not a 1 on 1 killer. His ultimates does not buff the hero's damage at all, definitely tells you that you should not focus on pumping his fire power. In fact, Stealth Assassin is an assassin and a team combo starter. The ability to blink and drop smokebomb implies that he's the person to set up combos for allies.

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YangzZhou said...

nice guide, thx.

however i disagree with 3 yasha since yasha movement speed won't stack. my usually items are:

wraith band
power tread
butterfly and monkey king bar if game still goes on
or just get wraith band

i do concentrate on diffusal blade --> manta, it is very useful against being chased.

Anonymous said...

hmm, this is my 20-0-2 guide 5v5 :)

-treads/travels ( i got travels )
-eye of skadi
-yasha/sange/sny ( i got sange but can gat any if u want )

Unknown said...

I would rather get:
-Boots of Travel
-Lothar's Edge

Ian said...

i would rather get:
-Power Threads
-sange and yasha

chester said...


Anonymous said...

nah,these items are damn lousy...i'll get:
Phase boots
Shiva's guard
monkeyking bar

Anonymous said...

here :

treads - for more agi ..
bat fu - for farming ..
butterfly - adds more agi ..
manta - like wise the use of manta up there is already right for him ...
yasha or make it s&y - for mkore agi ..

actually during i play dota with rikimaru that items already can win our game .. you can also add divine for a sure win .. ^^

Anonymous said...

3 yasha!!! even a real bot wouldn't buy them:D:D:D. Beter go for:
Sange and Yasha

Unknown said...

No re, guys acc 2 me 3 yashas can b useful, but 1 thng thats must 4 riki is 'eye of skadi'. N o 1 can escape if u hav tht, but its very costly

Anonymous said...

sorry but i dis agree in three yasha's

just buy this
-treads/boots of travel
-yasha/sange/sange and yasha

Anonymous said...

Without lifesteal it's a bit... stupid. :D I recommend vlads, but be careful not to show yourself up with the aura around your creeps when you are near. 3 yashas is also stupid. Sooo...(don't forget it's 6.60 already :D)

1.Power T(h)reads
2.Vladimir's Offering
 2x Yashas:
3.   1st -> Manta Style
4.   2nd -> Sange & Yasha

Anonymous said...

Sice icefrog already created the 6.60 map, things have cnaged with some of the items but none with rikimaru so this my build for him

1.power threads
-its recipe have changed with requiring an ultimate orb and a yasha and not a diffusal blade and a vitality booster anymore

4.buriza do kyanon
6.Vladimir's offering

Unknown said...

sad ppl
2 eaglehorns better den butterfly
as riki req. agi 4 backstab
n da evasion doesnt satck

Anonymous said...

thats awesome i try it i killed an enemy hero 21 times ni garena wow!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Anonymous said...

I prefer mkb,buriza,double yasha,phase boot,satanic

Anonymous said...

I think the best items are:

1 s and y
2 yasha
vladmir's offering
pwer treads

Unknown said...

mask of madness

Anonymous said...

my build for rikimaru is... (v6.63b)


with this items you can kill any hero

Anonymous said...

my item build for him is


with this items you can kill any hero

Anonymous said...

I'd like use
pwr treads
crystalis> buriza

Anonymous said...

I am using Power treads, Vladimir's offering, sange & yasha, Cranium basher, Assault cuirass and btf :))))

Anonymous said...

how many time spent went i buy 3 yasha make me stress....
my item is...
yasha or sange and yasha
power tread

and enemy will die at 5 second huhahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

2bat fury

Anonymous said...

All these guides sucks... My full items :
Power Treads (agi)
Cuirass Assault

Anonymous said...

rikimaru is a stalker player.. never kill alone when you know your target will survive 2-3 blink strikes after.. although in late gamer rikimaru owns and can be a pain when pushing.. yes!smoke screen makes towers miss

Anonymous said...

dots what item guide lai de. 3 yasha. dots. ONE MANTA. dots. manta for? i tell u my item guide.
First i get Sny. No nid so many yasha.
2nd i threads no threads first.
3rd.i get butterfly.
4th i get mkb.
5th i get hearts.
last either basher? one more butterfly?
basher most important cos got butterfly. got it?

Anonymous said...

And i teach u.when a opponent teleport to a tower. smoke screen that tower. he cant teleport le. chio bo?

Anonymous said...

SnY,Assault cuirase,mkb,buriza,tarras,boot of travel

Anonymous said...

Power Threads
Sange N Yasha
Manta Style
Eye of Skadi

Anonymous said...

I think:
power treads

Z said...

SnY,Tarrasque,Assault Cuirasse,Butterfly,MkB,Buriza

Unknown said...

no dis is gud

Anonymous said...

such a noob...
this is the best items for the SA.

Төгөлдөр Батзоригт said...

I go for

Power Treads
Vladmirs Offering
Sange & Yasha
Cranium Basher
Buriza do Kyanon

Anonymous said...

wew id rather build
-cranium basher
nah!!!....its ur choice guys just buiLd and go scoring =)

Anonymous said...

1. treads
2. diffusal
3. manta
4. bfly
5. wraith band
6. wraith band

usually when this build up u can own

Anonymous said...

to all of you.. you know.. the best items for riki is items that have more agility stat... riki's 3rd skill makes incredible damage if the agility is great. i try it.. i use s&y, butterfly even manta will do.. and two hyper stone and power threds... good for killing.. even if your alone with no other to gb. but the item i really ate is gem of true sight.. really anoy's me,,.. XP

Anonymous said...

build power threds first then butterfly or sange&yasha.. the two hyperstone... super unstopoble...


Anonymous said...

try this

power threads
mask of madness

trust me...holy shit will appear

Anonymous said...

I prefer power treads, vladmirs,sane and yasha (sny),butterfly,buriza for more crit; and manta.

Anonymous said...

wtf men.What do you need vladi, manta etc.The core items for riki are
2)Diffuse (The CORE item)
4)A few wraith bands(a little cheap bonus to damage and hp)
The items above are more than enough for godlike.

Anonymous said...

For me the best item for rikimaru is Lothars Edge XD

Anonymous said...

ppl u forgot about vladimirs offering!!!

Anonymous said...

the best items for riki are the ff:
(early games)
*3 wraith bonds
*ring of basilius
*ring of regen

(mid game)
you should already have:
*3 wraiths

(late game)
replaced wraith bonds with:
*diffusal blade
* monkey king bar
*sange and yasha

"try it boys, its worth it.."

Anonymous said...

no you shuold stay with this items:


Anonymous said...

lalala..y not u try the following items:

1/ thread
2/ SnY
3/ Vanguard
4/ MKB
5/ Mask of Madness
6/ another MKB or Buriza

try those items for sure killa~

Anonymous said...

nah these are the best:
*sange and yasha

mark said...

nope theses are the best.

Anonymous said...

how about poor mans shield on early game?
then treads
and burizza...0

Anonymous said...

This is the best build that you will have a one hit KO for sure.Even if you are armorless, it doesnt care you have your permanent invisibility.All you need is 6 divine reapier(at the latest late game) or build damaged items no need for armor items exept for tarrasque or butterfly because you got an invisibility

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well my item are power threads buriza-dokanyon sange yasha and vanguard or cuirras

Anonymous said...

try this for riki
tarasque or another divine

BuffMePlzzz said...

I recommend:

Early Game:
Stout Shield 2x
Wraith band 2x
Ring of Basilus/Magic Wand
Boots of speed

Mid Game:
Stout Shield 2x
Wraith Band
Ring of Basilus

Late Game:

Butterfly 3x or 2x
Diffusal blade/Buriza do-kyanon
Boots(BoT or PT)

You can Kill a Foe with just one hit without using any skill, and it will never received any damage from Foes.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to :

1. treads / travel
2. SnY
3. Vanguard
4. Cranium Basher
5. Battle fury / Diffusal Blade
6. Butterfly

"!...SO SIMPLE...!"

Anonymous said...

I will Get HoD instead of vlad as the aura revealed urself that so the ultimate is useless... , PT Str , SnY , Cranuim is need especially for last kill when ur oppenent escape u can blink strike to him and stun him with higher chance

Anonymous said...

1. Power treads
2. Vladimir's
3. Cranium Basher
4. Buriza do-Kanyon
5. B-fly
6. reserve slot

Anonymous said...

This items is the best!

1.Vladimir's Offering
2.Power Threads(Agility)
3.Cranium Basher
5.Sange & Yasha
6.it's up to you

Anonymous said...

Mines is:

1.Vladimir's Offering
2.Power Threads(Agility
3.Sange & Yasha
6.Vanguard??? i dunno??

Anonymous said...

try to use radiance so that even though ur not hitting...u still make damage to enemies

Anonymous said...

now are in new item changealog:

HoD then Satanic
but fly
ass crus
BoK more cool!

Anonymous said...

try this one:

batle furry

just be careful w/ his low HP... ",

Anonymous said...

hmmm...easy to say...what if? if bristtle back is rikimaru's enemy?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ill rather prefer
-orb of venom
-2 wraith band
late game instead of 2 wraith band go with

Anonymous said...

No need so hard.. But I manage to kill at least 10 heroes when everytime I use riki before middle game with item
1) power treats
2) mask of madness
3) basher

Anonymous said...

1. PT
2. Vlad
3. Desolator
4. Sange&Yasha
5. Assault
6. Butterfly

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my build dominates all of your build!
treads vladimirs basher
mid game
treads vladimirs basher desolator S n Y
boots of travel satanic abyssal blade Sny butterfly skadi

Anonymous said...

What a Guide. . maybe i would Pick


Anonymous said...

I would say
2 divine
boots of travel
is more than enough for riki

Anonymous said...

2 divine
boots of travel
is the best item build for riki

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