mouz|CAT leaves mouz :-(

Just a few dats ago it was announced to the public that one of Germany mousesports`s swedish players, Sweden mouz|CAT decided to leave the team just before the ENADC final.

Statement: mouz|ReageN (team manager)
Its sad to see such a good player as CAT leaving our team but if he dont think he suits into the team, what are you going to do?

So will mouz be looking for a new player?

As Drayich say, we will never be searching for new players. We haven`t spoke about it at all. CAT`s departure came as a surprise to us all.

We got a statement from the former mouz player Sweden mouz|CAT as well

Statement: mouz|CAT (former member):-
I left mouz because i didn`t feel that they needed me anymore. I was away for 4 weeks working and on vacation in Turkey. After I came back I felt that the team got different. Not in a bad way, but just different. I never became a true member after that. I`ve been scriming alot lately and really tried my best to fit into the team and get that desirable team-spirit again. But i failed. I`m also that kind of person that plays dota with my heart, meaning if i don`t find it fun to play, let`s say a certain hero or role of the team, I don`t play any good. I wish mouz and specially Drayich who is an amazing leader and friend, the best of luck at Dreamhack. Love u guys. meeeow

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