Incohatus the Formless, Hidden Hero on Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2

Incohatus the Formless, Hidden Hero on Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2. I'm sure most of you didn't know that there's a hidden hero on the latest map of Dota 6.57b AI, Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2. The hero is very cool and i'm sure you will love to play it. The hero name is Incohatus the Formless. The name said it all, he is formless and take a form of a whisp. Nothing special there. But, the interesting part is his skills...

Look at the picture, his first skill is from Broodmother and his second skill is Diabolic Edict from Lehsrac. Can you guess it now? .... (waiting for your guess ^_^)

Yup, his first skill is able to take ally/enemy first skill as his skill. His second skill is take ally/enemy second skill. Wow, imagine Meat Hook combined with Chronosphere, cool!! Curious on how to use this hero? Read on!

To be able to use him, you must play with the Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2 map (Revision 1 is not included him yet). And then, in the beginning of the game, type -fun followed by -tryhero. You will have Incohatus the Formless as your hero instantly. And then, have fun! :D I'm sure you didn't need a guide for a hero like him :) Enjoy playing Incohatus the Formless!

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