ENADC II Grand Final - MYM vs mouz - Interviewed

MYM and mouz are in Grand Finals of Europe and North America DotA Championship 2008

The clash of two Big Giants

Interview of mouz|Twisted

NiK - Hello mouz|Twisted. So, you are going to face MYM another time in ENADC Grand Final, you arleady beat them in ENADC WB Final and in other major tournaments, have you found the alchemy to win against them?
mouz|Twistd - yea we got some nice ways to beat mym atm, im afraid that they are learning our strats thou so it will be rough ithink

NiK - Your team is doing really good, what's the secret behind such a great success?
mouz|Twistd -i think a lot of practise is the key, weve really scrimmed a lot lately and found out "how we want to play52e" also with a german/sweden mix, what could go wrong?

NiK- What you think about the new 6.56 map? Do you arleady feel confident with it?
mouz|Twistd -no we are struggling a lot, mainly because we are doing so good in the old version and change is for the worse forus. Also our captain and team-papa Dray got a lot of things going on for him sowe miss having his spirit/leadership when we play new version. But we areworking on some really cool strats in the 6.56!

NiK -After a lot of discussion about the "pick time" , 6.56 has intruduced the new -cm mode. What's your opinion about that? Has it improved the way of picking?
mouz|Twistd - yea for sure games will be a lot faster now, thou im never comfortable when i see kurokys nick on the picking colour saying "hey guys i got a nice strat for us"

NiK- recently dota competitions are becoming more and more opened to worldwide teams, what do you think about asianand american playstiles? Are they different from europe?
mouz|Twistd - i was during a long time under the impression that asians picked weird and play weak strats but now atm i don't think europe can match the dedication and skill-lvl of the asian top teams. For american teams? idk cant see a diffrencein thier playstyle from europe and i think it goes like 1. asia 2. europe3. america. Not saying asian teams would easily beat mouz thou!

NiK - ok, thank you and GL for the Final!
mouz|Twistd - we'll most likely beat mym 3-0, then win pride and continue on winning dreamhack! And a big shoout out to miss wayne

Interview of MYM|MaNia-

NiK- Hello MYM|MaNia-, you are going to face mouz in a final once again, how are you approaching the match?
MYM|MaNia - We dont really prepare for the match, westay busy by just playing our official matches. We have had a tight schedules the last weeks because of all the finals in different leagues etc.

NiK - but recently mouz managed to win often against you, have you analyzed the games in order to counter their gamestyle?
MYM|MaNia - well its hard to say what we can improve, we often play very close games with them, so we just keep doing what we are doing and hope we get the victory bagged.

NiK ->so you feel quite confident for this upcoming final
MYM|MaNia -yea i feel ready to finally win vs mouz, their cockiness has to be stopped!

NiK - After some initial troubles, now you are doing very good with 6.52e. What's the reason for these impovements?
MYM|MaNia -Guess we just got used to playing the version. In 48b we mass ganged without having any real carry heroes, so when we played the same type of game in 52e we got smashed pretty hard. Now we are combining gang and carry, but sometimes we try other strats like our famou sturtle strat which gave us a pretty bad reputation as being boring to watchand boring to play against. but i guess anything goes if u wanna win.

NiK -And now..6.56! What do you think about the new map, andhow are you approaching to it?
MYM|MaNia - I
like it alot, its so much more fun toplay and it will be nice to try experimenting at the early stage of theversion, even though im sure that theres gonna be standard picks after sometime. The new dagger is soo nice Im looking forward to playing some tinyagain

NiK - Recently Dota Tournaments and LAN Events are becoming moreand more open to worldwide teams, what do you think about Asian and American playstyles?
MYM|MaNia -
we rarely play against asian teams, but i like their playstyle a lot. Everytime we meet we both play with 200+ ping so its hard playing well especially if u got a hero that requires a lot of precision. It was fun playing against zenith and ks in San Jose, so I look forward to playing at the SMM lan tourney in Malaysia. Iactually have family in Malaysia,so i hope to meet up with them if i have time.
The American teams kinda play the same style as the europeans so not much to say about them.

NiK - ok, thank you and GL for the Final!

Replays will be available soon after the match..

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