DotA Items: Magic Stick, Dust of Appearance, Phase Boot and Glyph of Fortification

Dota-Allstars 6.55 give us several new items: Magic Stick, Dust of Appearance, Phase Boots and Glyph of Fortification. But until now, i have rarely seen the optimal use of those items. Only several people can use those items perfectly. Maybe you can share experience about those items. Here's my thought about the new items:

Magic Stick
Honestly, in my first sight, i think this items is sucks. The 12 Health and 12 Mana is so small comparing to the spell damage. The only condition i found it usefull is when we are laning against heroes with low/cheap mana cost spell like Bristle Back, Phantom Assassin. But i changed my mind after i read this from DA forums:

People don't remember that it's only 210g. Buy it from a sideshop when you have the money.

It's useful when facing a dual lane heroes with active spells(or a soloing serious spammer like zeus and bristle).
Everytime PA blinks or slows, you get a charge. Everytime Phantom lancer goes invis, you get a charge. Everytime windrunner even farts, you get a charge. Every now and then you get a charge on your lane and earlygame 15mana is a lot. You don't have to wait till it's full 10 charges, charges are just as effective when used right away.

Also it's a good for radaring ganks and junglers.
1) You are running through woods and suddenly you get a charge. No allies on minimap, you know there's a hero jungling. Profit, for only 210g.
2) You are laning down and miss is called for mirana, pudge, puck etc. and you get a charge. You know something is coming, hug the tower, get called a maphacker, maybe get a kill from towerdivers, profit, for 210g.

Also you wouldn't believe how many times that 210g item has saved me while I'm escaping.
In order to catch you, enemies throw slows or use other chasing abilities, which give you charges, and you can take another hit again.

Also for 210g you get more information on lane. You know when that Booty Hunter went invis in fog, and you know when that Kunkka used his aoeslowstunnuke and you have to run, and you know when Windrunner casted Powershot and you have to dodge, you won't miss the Bara's close range charge, Rexx's axes won't go unnoticed, you got the idea.

Also, do remember that it still costs 210g.
When it saves you once or gives you kill, it has already paid itself back.
210g only means that it's not supposed to be bought at the fountain in beginning of the game, but minutes later from sideshops.

Wow, that's really well said. What do you think?

Dust of Appearance
Ok, i think it's obvious when to use this items. I used it when i'm gonna target invisible/wind walk user heroes. But still, Sentry Ward is better if you're gonna have team battle because of the short duration of this dust (only 12 seconds).

Phase Boots
Yet another items for a chaser.. and for armor lacking heroes. But still, you now must choose between Treads, BoT or this new sneaker. From my point of views, this items is fit on Pudge (if you cannot afford BoT), Viper, Bloodseeker and other chaser. Some said that this items create some glitches on Puck, anybody can confirm?

Glyph of Fortification
This item/tool is created to replace the Town of Portal massive armor buff on targeted building. The main problem is, everybody can use this while the cooldown is pretty long (6 minutes). Which means your team mates probably will ruins your timing on use this Glyph, especially on Pubs. This things looks simple, but when you're having critical moment, bad timing on using the Glyph will ruin your game.

Well, that's my opinion about these new items, what about you? Have another great experience with this new items? Share it here :)

PS: Don't forget, you can experimenting with the new items using Dota 6.56 AIPlus v1.52 Revision 2

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eXequieL said...

1st.................... ak0..

Anonymous said...

you won't believe it.. this piece of crap saves you at even moments..

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