DotA-Allstars 6.56 Bugs and exploits

Dota 6.56 Bug / Dota 6.56 Exploits, in case you haven't know, there's some bugs/exploits on this current map. Fortunately, they are not major and i'm sure some of you maybe already know.

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The bug is on Obsidian Destroyer with Powertreads. When you already got your Powertreads, take your Essence Aura skill immediately. Your running out of mana? Just switch your shoes! Change it from STR Treads into INT/AGI Treads and so on.

The Powertreads type changes can triggers the Essence Aura, so you can have a free mana after several times changing your treads. The other is on Puck with Phase Boots. I haven't try this yet, but i heard there's some glitches in this combination. Maybe i will try it on Dota 6.56 AIplus later. Have you ever try it or there's another bug? Share it here and maybe you can put that on Dota 6.57 wish list so it will be fixed soon :)

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nawanine said...

there is a new bug i ha discovered in dota 6.57b..the hero is naga siren..u can ulti to 1 buy perseverance and then put it on the last bottom slot at left side then u click the ulti..n there goes the bug..i'll inform u later for anymore info...

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