How to use GarenaFire (COD4)

GarenaFire is newly added feature in Garena which can track over 30,000 online game servers of FPS games like Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source around the world. In Garena , you can connect internet public servers by a double click ,or start your own room as a LAN game and play with your friends. Wow , that sounds good , how can I use it??, It’s quite easy. Read this guide below..

Download from Garena Client

Register & Login

See the game lobby page on the left , select “Garena Fire” page , Enter “Call of Duty 4” lobby . In here, you are given a region and a ping filter, choose your region then click “Search” to start searching

Click “Settings” tag, locate iw3mp.exe on “Executable Settings”

Join a server with double click. If you like the server, don’t forget add it to favourite. When you are in Favourite Browser, the “Add custom address” button allows you add servers by IP address

Fight with your buddies! In Garena’s buddy list, you can see his/her status. If he/she is in game, right click on name, select “Trace buddy”, join server immediately and play together

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