DotA : Prime Defending #11, MYM Prime Defending Tournament Video By Virus Hunter

Here is Lastest DotA clip from Virus Hunter, about MYM-Prime Defending Tournament Video with High Quality Live Stream and Download

Check the Link Prime Defending #11 Replays for the replays.

MYM – Prime Defending # 11 HQ Live Stream

MYM – Prime Defending # 11 HQ DownLoad

Check This Video and screenshoots below:

Virus Hunter is one of the DotA Movie Maker of MYM-DotA, This is the first MYM video by Him.

He has spend about 2 months of time in order to complete this video. As usual slow and steady progress.

If you interest in how the video progress can follow this link CLAN [EDIT]

About the map with Beach Pack, Follow this link to DL it DotA Theme Manager

Anyway, Hope you all enjoy the video, And Please remember: Nothing is perfect In the World! Comments and suggestion are welcomed!
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Anonymous said...

:d i like your team your so pro

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