Cheatpack Detector (CPD), Tool to Detect Fake/Hacked maps

Map folder got multiple same map, don't know which one is fake?
Play minigame like Fight of Character, TreeTag, TD, but don't know there's cheat in game?
Use CPD to keep away from fake/hacked map!

Download > Extract > Click "CheapackDetector.exe" > Browse map that you want to check > Click "Detect!"



Download Cheatpack Dectector (CPD)
Download Cheatpack Dectotor (mirror)

3 Comments yet..:

invisible0214 said...

file gt error

Anonymous said...

when i open the file, it always show error 0x00.. blabla

invisible0214 said...

Can you Update new version ?
This can't work on x64 OS.TQ

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