Garena Gold Membership..

Be a Gold Member and experience more privileges in Garena

• "Gain 2x EXP in Garena" and level up faster.
• "Instant Access to Garena rooms" even when full.
• "View Exact Value for Pings" in rooms and games.
• Get "Increased Buddy List Capacity" and add more friends.
• Standout from the rest with a "Colored Name and Highlighted Chat messages.
• Enjoy "Special Discounts on Avatars" sold in GG Avatar Shop.

•To buy Gold Membership from Garena you need GG-Shells (currency of garena).
•You can buy GG-Shells from here ...
•Gold Membership 1 year = 100 GGshells
•Gold Membership 6months = 55 GGshells
•Gold Membership 3months = 30 GGshells
•Gold Membership 1month = 10 GGshells
•Now go to your Garena Shop, buy gold membership from your GGshells.
•Login your account at Garena.
'Enjoy benefits of your Gold Membership'

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I buy 50 GG shells from garena and they still giv me nothing after the deadline. dun know what they are doing

Anonymous said...

im from philippines i want to buy a garena gold memeber so i can play HON but i dont know where can i buy it please reply tnx

lloyd marcelino said...

im from philippine can i used mobius prepaid cards for garena shells?

Anonymous said...

Go to netopia and buy GG shells there :)

Anonymous said...

are there free GG shells?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gold member rocks!!! the best thing about it is 2x exp and enter any room. but i prefer premium membership!!

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