ADC II - Grand Finals StarBoba vs ImperZa

The end of the Asian DotA Championship Season 2 is here, as the world watch 2 elites from Asia, Impreza and StarsBoba battle it out in a BO5 format with the Vietnamese having a 1:0 advantage to be the crowned champion.

The last encounter between these two teams was in the finals of the Winner Bracket where StarsBoba successfully defeated Impreza to take the commanding lead. Impreza then moved to the Loser Bracket where they met Kingsurf. However, although not being the favourite for the match, Impreza managed to fend off Kingsurf's advances with their stable performance throughout the game.

Razer ADC Season II Grand Final,Best Of Five, StarsBoba vs ImpreZa will be played on Friday 19th of December at 20:00 GMT+8.
StarsBoba has a 1-0 leader since they are from the Winner Bracket.

Garena Will Stream This Match LIVE!

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